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Care for Jewellery at home

Care for Jewellery at home

Care for Jewellery at home

Care for Jewellery at home
While the proper selection of jewellery is important, even more important is its care, which alone can preserve its beauty and ensure its long life. Thankfully, caring for your jewellery is no longer tedious. You can now clean your jewellery right at home with no weight loss of the jewellery or damage to your hands.

Know your jewellery
Keep gold and gems glittering. Jewellery loses it's glitter and beauty by the accumulation of dirt due to neglect. Skin oils, soap, cosmetics, cooking grease etc. Several precious stones, especially diamonds, have an affinity to grease and so must be cleaned once a month to keep them shining. While dressing up, jewellery should be worn last, so that it does not come in direct contact with cosmetics perfumes and oils. Resist the temptation to use a perfume spray just before leaving. The effect of these, especially on organic gems like pearls and corals, can be very damaging. They must therefore; be wiped clean before they are put away after use.

Easy care of jewellery
Threaded jewellery of pearls and corals can be cleaned with soft and damp cloth. Most jewellery can be washed clean in plain water. One can use mild detergent or soap to clean stubborn dirt. A clean diamond reflects light better than one that's been dulled by skin oil, dirt and cooking greases. Diamond jewellery can be boiled in soap water for about 2 to 5 minutes and then washed in clean water with a soft toothbrush.

Now a days, specialised cleaning liquids from Holland based company 'Hagerty' are available in the market. Like 'Jewel Clean' for diamonds and gold jewellery, 'Pearl Clean' for pearls are available.

A Warning: Closed set jewellery or Madras styled setting where the stones are set with a closed back should only be wiped or brushed clean. It should never be immersed in liquids for the liquid can percolate into the setting through microscopic pores and dull the appearance of the stones.

Store Properly
Jewellery should be stored in suitable cases in such a manner that; no two pieces rub against one another because friction causes tiny scratches which dull the polish of the metal. Also the stones might loose it's setting. A diamond, though the hardest substance known to man, can be chipped by a hard blow.